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GrønGas.dk consist of two biogas plants, one called GrønGas Vrå and the other GrønGas Hjørring. GrønGas Hjørring was estabilshed in 2001, and experience from this facility has been used for GrønGas Vrå, which was established in 2016.

If you want to know more about biogas and its significance in Denmark, as the only renewable energy that can be stored, you can read more at www.biogas.dk

The facilities

GrønGas Vrå

GrønGas Vrå was built by E.ON Danmark and Jens Peter Lunden in 2015/16. The owners designed the plant themselves and used subcontractors to establish the plant. The biogas produced from the plant is upgraded to natural-gas quality (by removing CO2 from the biogas) and supplies all the biogas to the natural-gas network, as bio natural-gas.

The plant primarily processes livestock manure and other organic residues from agricultural production and the food industry.

  • Annually produces approx. 13 million Nm3 of methane (bio natural-gas)
  • Annually treats approx. 365.000 tons of biomass, primarily consisting of livestock manure, vegetable residues from agriculture and the food industry, and a small proportion of energy crops
  • About 50 farmers from local areas supply livestock manure to be treated at the biogas plant. The farmers receive in return degassed manure from GrønGas Vrå.
  • The plant is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for the sanitisation of biomass from the food industry (animal by-products) 
  • The area within the ramparts measures about 10 hectares or 100.000 m2. 
  • The biomass residence time in the plant is about 40 days
  • The biomass is heated to around 52 (C) degrees by a biomass boiler of 7 MW
  • Excess heat is delivered from the plant to Vrå city / Vrå district heating works
  • 5 employees work to take care of the operation of the plant. In addition, 8 drivers are employed to drive livestock manure and degassed manure to and from the plant.

Facts about GrønGas Vrå

Danish magazine:

Nordjyllands største biogasanlæg

This magazine tells about  the creation of GrønGas Vrå, and how GrønGas Vrå is the biggest biogas plant in north jutland

GrønGas Hjørring

GrønGas Hjørring was built in 2001 by Xergi in collaboration with Jens Peter Lunden. The plant has been continuously expanded, most recently in 2016 with two new Jenbacher engines. The gas is used to make electricity and heat, which is sold on the electricity grid, and the heat is sold to Hjørring district heating works.

  • Processes approx. 50.000 tons of biomass primarily consisting of livestock manure and vegetable residual fractions from the food industry
  • The plant is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for the sanitization of biomass from the food industry (animal by-product)
  • Electricity and heat is produced from the biomass on two Jenbacher gas engines on 1.400 and 900 kW electricity
  • The surplus heat from the gas engines is supplied to Hjørring district heating works. 
  • The biomass is heated to 52 (C) degrees by a 1MW straw boiler
  • 3 people are employed to take care of the operation of the plant

Facts about GrønGas Hjørring