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In GrønGas we collaborate with around 50 farmers, who supply manure and deep litter for our plant. At GrønGas, we are very aware that there must be benefits to working with a biogas plant, and we aim every day to increase the parts of the collaboration.

Below we have gathered various information about some of the benefits that can come from working with a biogas plant.

We are constantly expanding the "information collection", so that you as a supplier can find relevant information on this page.

Expected fieldeffect of degassed manure

How, when and how big the effect is of degassed manure on different crops

See picture for information

Logistics around export and import of manure

Here you can see how the logistics around collection (export) of fresh manure and delivery of degassed manure (import) take place and what advantage there is in it for you

See picture for your logistics advantages

Export/import accounts of degassed manure

By using degasses manure, you can achieve a much better and more efficient fertilizer account. 

Se picture for example of an account

Odor when using degassed manure versus untreated manure

How the odor nuisancs are when using untreated manure versus degassed manure

See picture for information about odour nuisances 

Storage of degassed biomass

  • High pH-levels in degassed manure increases the risk of ammonia emissions

  • Always cover or artificial floating layer optionally with Leca (20-25 kg/mm)

  • Content by fertilizer accounts determined by ongoing analyzes from GrønGas A/S

  • Utilization requirements with input material

Value of degassed manure

  • Value in plant nutrients: N, P and K (S) value
  • Value of "extra" nitrogen. Difference in from legal exploitation requirement to actual exploitation

If you did not find the information you were looking for, have questions or need more information, are you welcome to contact us by email to info@grongas.dk

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